CO<sub>2</sub> инкубатор Heracell VIOS, мм, мм, мм

CO<sub>2</sub> инкубатор Heracell VIOS, мм, мм, мм

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CO2 incubator Heracell™ VIOS
The Thermo Scientific™ Heracell™ VIOS CO2 incubator is specifically designed to deliver the performance reliability, ease of operation, and value required to support a range of culturing needs from basic research to the demanding, leading-edge applications, so you're ready for whatever comes next. The THRIVE™ active airflow technology delivers homogeneous growth conditions fast, avoiding unwanted sample variation. Available in two sizes with 165 or 255 liters of interior volume for a wide range of applications.

-Interior chamber: electropolished stainless steel or optional 100 % solid copper
-ISO class 5 HEPA filtered air
-Fully automatic 180°C cycle assures total, uniform sterilization of all chamber surfaces in less than 12 hours
-Integrated, covered water reservoir design maximizes humidity without condensation
-iCAN™ touchscreen interface allows for an intuitive control with complete data visibility
-Advanced in-situ sensor technology: probes and gas sensors are positioned in the chamber to respond quickly to any deviations in desired conditions
Dimensions, external (W x H x D):
Dimensions, internal (W x H x D): 637 x 900 x 880 mm
470 x 607 x 576 mm
Volume: 165l
Rated Voltage: 230V or 120V
Rated frequency: 50/60Hz
Nominal consumption: 0.56kW

Type Dual chamber Incubator, stainless steel inner chamber, TC sensor, 230V
Internal dimensions (W x D x H) mm
External dimensions (W x D x H) mm
Shelf support ribs/shelves
Nom. capacity L
Min. operating temperature °C
Max. operating temperature °C
Width of the interior mm
Depth of the interior mm
Depth of the interior mm
Width mm
Depth mm
Height mm
Net weight kg
Power consumption W
Max. grids
Timer is available
Type of sterilization
Natural convection
Ventilation present
Type of auxiliary energy
Вес, неттоkg
Габаритные размеры (Ш х Д х В)мм
Естественная конвекция
Количество мест для полок / количество полок
Колосниковые / напольные грохоты
Макс. кол-во полок
Макс. рабочая температура°C
Мин. рабочая температура °C
Номин. объемл
Размеры камеры (Ш х Д х В)мм
Таймер имеется
Тип вспомогательной энергии
Тип стерилизации

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